Our Team

Meet the People Behind the Work

(From left to right) 

Back rowMax Gentle, Wendy Montfort, Jennifer Breedlove (Stateside), Frantz Osier

Front row: Mirlande Momplaisir, Bertha Pierre, Makerne Letaille, Wilbert Momplaisir 

Our dedicated team works tirelessly to love, disciple and mentor our boys. They truly are the Difference Makers!

Having spent many years of their young lives on the streets, each one of our children have endured differing levels of trauma. Our Haiti team works tirelessly every day to satisfy our kids’ needs, especially in the areas of stability, love and protection.

We believe our team acts as the hands and feet of Jesus to help provide hope and a future for our special children.

If you would like to support our team and help offset the expenses required to provide for these beloved children (their physical, emotional and spiritual needs), please consider GIVING ONLINE TODAY!

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